LED Bike Turn Signal 500 Lumen Bicycle Taillight Cycling Direction Indicator USB Charging Rear Light Safety Warning Lamp

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Size: 110x25x32mm
Lumen: 500Lumens
Battery: 800mAh
Charging time:2 Hours
Mode: Braking Warning,Turn signal
Position:Rear Light Set
Function:Wireless Control Turn Signal Rear Light
Feature:Fashionable Bicycle Decoration

Installation instructions:
1)First use rubber belt to fixed mount on bicycle tube,then Insert the light into mount.
2)Use rubber band fix the controller on the handlebar.
3)The middle button on the controller can control the red LED warning light,and the left and right buttons control the Yellow LED direction indicator light on the tail light。

Battery and charging instructions:
Tail light:
1)Use the built-in 800Mah rechargeable battery.Turn on the back of the tail light rubber charging port cover, insert the Micro plug USB charging cable for charging.
2)When charging,the indicator light is red,after fully the light shows green.
3)Charging time 2 hours, use time 4-5 hours.
4)Pay attention to the battery is not allowed to replaced by self.

1)Do not disassemble the product by self,so the damage is not guaranteed.
2)Please charge at least one time if it is not used during three months, or it cannot be charged fully and effect your use.
3)Do not place the product in the water immersion.

Package Includes:

1 x Bike Tail Light

1 x Remote Control

1 x USB Cable

1 x Install Set

1 x Manual Instruction

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