【Clearance】WK30 Multi Color Rechargeable LED Flashlight with LH351D/ Red Light/ UV Light(Ship to USA only)

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1. The flashlight will be shipped from USA warehouse. USPS shipping is limited to the United States.
2. We recommend that you pay for the order separately from the flashlight shipped from China warehouse.
3. This link does not apply to free gifts. There are no free gifts from US warehouses.
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※ Emitter: White light:1* LH351D  5000K 90CRI
    Red light: 1* CREE XPEBRD-L1-R20 P3 3535
    UV light: 1* LG 365nm 120º
※ Working Voltage: 2.8V-6.6V
※ Battery Options: single 18650 /26650/21700 battery or able to use 2*CR123A batteries emergency
※ Dimension: 113mm(length)*36.9mm(head diameter)
※ Weight: 104±3g(without battery)
※ Aerospace grade 6061 grade aluminum alloy, CNC manufactured to hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish to get solid built body, anti-crash geometry and better heat exchange.
※ Toughened mineral glass lens:Smooth reflector
※ The waterproof level: in accordance with IPX8 (Ingress Protection X8- resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 2 m underwater for up to 30 minutes)
※ Mode Memory: It memorizes the last brightness level used in the general modes (except red and UV beam) ※ Automatic Step-down: high mode steps down to 600lm after 3 minutes of working to prevent overheating. It will Constant working in 600lm if you do not change modes.
※ Thermoelectric separation copper MCPCB
※ Constant current circuit driver
※ Power Indicator:

1. The LED indicator on side switch displays Green for 5 seconds if remaining battery power is good. The indicator is Red, if battery power is poor. Red Flashes indicates extremely low power - replace or recharge battery as soon as possible.
2.In UV group, the side LED indicator displays green for 5 seconds and then will change to “blue indicator status” ,to warn the user that they are in UV mode, pay attention to use the mode and Prevent UV light from illuminating the skin and causing damage. Low Voltage Protection: If battery voltage is lower than 2.7 Volts, the flashlight turns off to avoid battery damage by over-discharge.

Operation Method:
In the state of power off:
1.Single Click: enter white light memory level,click to change the modes eco-low-med-high,long press to turn off. Double click to enter strobe modes ,single click to cycle strobe-SOS-beacon,when in strobe mode,double click back to normal modes.
2.Double click: turning into red light mode,click to change the modes,long press to turn off.Double click to enter red light strobe mode,then single click to cycle strobe modes,when in strobe mode,double click back to normal modes.
3.Triple click: turning into UV mode,click to change the modes,long press to turn off,double click to enter white light memory mode.
4.Quadra click: lock out function. 5.Long press: enter white light eco mode from off, click to change the modes eco-low-med-high Long press will turn off the flashlight in any mode.

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